Biofuels for Europe – Academic experts look at the latest science behind key biofuels issues to help EU policy-makers make informed decisions

What are biofuels?

Biofuels for Europe is your simple, user-friendly guide to what biofuels are, how they are used and which policies are promoting the production of biofuels in Europe
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GHG Emissions

Biofuels can reduce GHG emissions in transport, but Biofuels for Europe looks at how emissions from indirect land use change are calculated and their impact
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Land and Food

Global population is growing, as is demand for food and fuel. Biofuels for Europe questions whether we can meet demand, the impacts and how biofuels affect food prices
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Energy Security

With Russia and the Middle East playing key roles in Europe’s energy security, Biofuels for Europe assesses if biofuels can help to improve energy security
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Cost Competitiveness

Biofuels for Europe explores how biofuels can be used in transport and other decarbonisation options. What are the costs of biofuels and can they compete with fossil fuels?
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Advanced Biofuels

Biofuels for Europe explains what advanced biofuels, their advantages and also considers their progress to date and the view for the future
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Meet the academics

An intense debate has emerged about the benefits and risks of biofuels. To ensure the debate is well informed, academic experts have come together through Biofuels for Europe to summarise the latest science on key biofuels issues using fact-based, understandable information and give EU policy-makers the opportunity to ask the academia questions directly.